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Rally for a Cause is a community charity based in Queensland Australia.  We actively support local Fraser Coast families and individuals affected by life-limiting medical conditions and/or whose lives have been disrupted by detrimental circumstances beyond their control.


A group of Fraser Coast business owners were faced with the unthinkable, one of their friends had a vibrant healthy child suddenly struck down with an aggressive brain tumour. It wasn't right, little Cooper was a mate of their own children and his parents had their lives turned upside down. 

Then they heard about Jesse, a young teenager with a passion for dance. No-one suspected this lovely girl would be struck down by bone cancer and her dreams of a future seemed bleak as she started the fight of her life.

What could be done? None of it was fair and it was clear to this group of friends these families needed help. The concept of Rally for Cause was born - To create a charity and raise funds to help support local families while they went through these tough times.

Funds raised through the Rally for A Cause
Charity and by the Dunga Derby
make all this possible.   

Rally for a Cause is run by volunteers 
and is proudly based on the Fraser Coast
helping people in the Fraser Coast. 


When things happen to people, it is never expected and impacts theirs lives in many different ways. At Rally for a Cause we try to work with families and individuals to make things a bits easier.

We engage with the families and individuals who are impacted. We ask what it is that would help them get through. The things that matter and make life just a bit easier are not always huge, but in tough times they can really matter!

That's how it works - we do what we can to help!

In our first year we hosted a birthday party ( for a young girl who may not have a next one), assisted with travel (trips to hospitals in Brisbane put a strain on budgets) , a camera (a delight for Jesse who's dream of dancing was lost due the cruel cancer, making her fight for her life), we bought a mower (it just made life easier for Dad who had suddenly lost his wife and had a family to raise alone) and provided a much needed break for a family (our little hero Cooper, the angel who watches over the Derby,  passed away and left broken-hearted parents and siblings). 

We aim to try to be relevant and stay in touch, sometimes making introductions or connections  - help comes in many ways and for our families it's also comforting to know they belong to a community that cares!  

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