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The Dunga Derby 

The Dunga Derby is the major fundraising event to support the Rally for A Cause Charity in their efforts to support local Fraser Coast families in need of support.  Held in August each year, the inaugural event in 2015 saw 30 cars and 100 participants travel from the Bay to Bush, raising $120,000 for the charity.

The 2016 Coast to Country event reached capacity in participants - 52 vehicles and over 200 people raising over $200,000 for the Rally for a Cause charity.

The 2017 Coast to Country event is now DONE & DUSTED! A huge congratulations to our 52 teams and 205 participants that have again surpassed all expectations raising over $220,000 that is now going towards supporting people in the local Fraser Coast community.

Registrations for the 2018 Dunga Derby will commence in mid-January 2018.  Positions will initially be opened to the 2017 participants, with vacancies opened to the general public from the beginning of February.  There is no waiting list available, but if you would like to register your interest, please email news@dungaderby.com.au and you will be put on the contact list to receive notifications.

The 2017 Dunga Derby is  


Congratulations to our 52 teams & 205 participants for raising over $220,000 for the Fraser Coast community.


Each of our teams has a responsibility to raise a minimum $2,000 which goes directly to the Charity efforts. A further $600 per team covers all of your main meals, camping fees and entertainment.

Dunga cars should be purchased for under $2,000 and need to be more than 10 years old. If you would like to bring something a bit more comfortable then a small “Luxury Car Tax” of $300 per vehicle may be paid in addition to your minimum fundraising.

Feeding, sleeping, drinking

Bring your swag, or tent, sleep under your dunga if you like. The Dunga Derby officials will take care of your meals, while you take care of your own drinks, refreshments and snacks.

Campsite facilities are basic (limited showers) - but it’s only 3 nights!!


Dunga teams should consist of 3 persons who are happy to share the driving.

We encourage entries from friends, businesses & workplaces and for those wanting to add more fun, costumes and vehicle themes make things interesting.

The cars

We have friends who can help you find a cheap car – however your car must be roadworthy and must hold CTP and third party insurance. It is absolutely your responsibility to ensure that your Dunga is safe. You may find the perfect Dunga and invest some love into it to keep it and use it year after year.

Themed cars are welcome and encouraged, they really add to the event.

You will receive a sticker pack of stickers from our sponsors that we would like you to include on your car. In this pack will also be a set of door stickers and sponsor stickers which must be included in the prescribed locations.

Prizes will be awarded for crazy stunts, teamwork, and participation… we have a prize giving function following the Derby. The Dunga Derby is not a race or a timed event - it's about raising funds and supporting communities along the way.


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