Operational Sponsor - Hervey Bay RSL

The Hervey Bay RSL is our "Operational Sponsor" meaning they contribute to our back of house running expenses.

There are TWO WAYS Hervey Bay RSL supports Rally for a Cause:

1. In 2022, they supported Rally for a Cause with a Community Grant to help facilitate the upgrade of our CRM and website infrastructure, for which we are very grateful. Both the Dunga Derby teams, as well as our charity recipients benefit from this change, meaning a more streamlined interaction for all. 

2. The Hervey Bay RSL supports Rally for a Cause with a donation from a particular Bingo program alongside the Caring Carriers Bingo Ladies, this runs weekly on a Wednesday morning, and we are incredibly grateful for the generosity this brings the charity. 

It is important to add, Hervey Bay RSL is also a significant contributor to the Dunga Derby charity car rally as well, entering 2 teams, fundraising, supporting other teams, and providing venues and resources. 







The Hervey Bay RSL is one of the biggest entertainment venues on the Fraser Coast and is much loved by the 40,000 plus financial members. The club provides a variety of wonderful facilities for it's members, visitors and guests. Including restaurant, cafe, 5 separate bars, child fun centre, function and meeting rooms for the general public, auditorium, bottleshop, snooker room, courtesy bus, 280 gaming machines, Keno & TAB.

The Hervey Bay RSL has something for everyone, and is the perfect place to meet friends and family, or meet new friends!  

Our club also has a wonderful Community Grants program, this is part of the RSL's ongoing commitment to support our local community. We provide financial, in-kind and fundraising opportunities to local not for profit organisations in our local community. The RSL has proudly donated over $5 million dollars over the last 9 years.


For regular updates on activities within the club you can follow our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/herveybayrsl/

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hervey Bay RSL.

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