Major Sponsor - Hyne Timber

Since 2017 Hyne Timber have proudly been the major sponsor behind the Rally for a Cause charity.

Rally for a Cause are so proud to have the support of this local company, that is also an iconic supplier to the Australian construction industry.

The Hyne Timber story began in 1882, when Richard Matthews Hyne opened the National Sawmill, on the banks of the Mary River in Queensland. The business would grow through the adversity of nature and economics to prosper; Hyne & Son Ltd becoming Australia’s largest privately owned and operated timber manufacturing company.

Hyne Timber prides itself on a history of supporting and investing in the communities in which they operate. Hyne Timber values an empathetic, philanthropic approach to support individuals, groups or organisations that require donations of money, product or in-kind services, that provide long term community benefit  - and they see that in Rally for a Cause.

Sponsorship funds received by Hyne Timber go towards the business and administrative costs of Rally for a Cause to enable the longevity of our local Fraser Coast charity and to ensure 100% of our fundraising money goes to support the community as intended.

Watch the video with Katie Fowden, Hyne’s Manager Strategic Relations…….

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Major Sponsor


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