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In 2015 Rally for a Cause was formed - this was a response to the sad news that two of our Fraser Coast families were impacted by circumstances no one wants to have to deal with, particularly not for our children.  Cooper and Jesse became the faces of Rally for a Cause and the first recipients of funds raised through the inaugural Dunga Derby. 

Since then, thanks to the funds raised through the annual Dunga Derby and the generosity of the local community and beyond, the charity has gone on to help and support many more Fraser and Sunshine Coast families.

These are difficult times for these families - the things that matter and make life just a bit easier for them are not always huge – financial and practical help are great, but what is often overwhelming for many of them is knowing they are part of a community that CARES!

We are grateful to the families who have generously shared their stories. These stories cover a diverse range of life-limiting conditions, tragic circumstances and all stages of care, tragic and heartbreak journey. Reading these stories may be upsetting, however, we trust they will also help to raise community awareness of Rally for a Cause and assist families who may be having similar experiences understand that there are others who may also be experiencing the same journey.

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Cooper's Journey

Jesse Moore


Darcy's Story  


 Darcy's Story

Mason's Mission! 



Connie was born with various complex and rare heart conditions. She had her first open heart surgery at 5 months old then 10 days later they had to go back in due to other complications appearing once Connie's heart had reduced in swelling meaning it was a surprise surgery. Connie's parents Ben and Gemma had to leave their 3 year old son in Hervey Bay in the care of his Grandparents while they spent considerable time in Brisbane with Connie while she was in the Children's Hospital. Thanks to Rally for a Cause Connie's Parents were able to be there together to support each other while Connie battled for her life. She is now doing well and will hopefully only have to have one more surgery. 


It was another proud day for Rally For A Cause in presenting 7 year old William Crack a new Insulin Pump. The Howard student lives with Type 1 Diabetes, facing daily injections and constant testing that has the family on constant watch. His committed parents, Rex and Karlene, are the definition of strength who understand the requirements of caring for a child with Type 1 Diabetes - all 3 of their children have the life threatening condition.

Their daily routine involved visiting the school regularly every day to administer injections, also including testing blood glucose levels in the middle of the night......it’s a 24 hour daily discipline that they know too well.

The MiniMed Smart Technology Insulin Pump has changed the lives for the Crack family as it offers secure continuously insulin delivery and an added flexibility to daily routines.


Thanks to Rally for a Cause the Ibbeson Family are the proud recipients of a vehicle wheelchair lift for their son, Nathan.

Nathan had a traumatic birth and has Spastic Dystonic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.  Both Mum and Dad are full time carers for Nathan and the pension only goes so far for providing them with their needs.  The vehicle wheelchair lift is a game changer for the family, Nathan can now travel comfortably and safely in his custom chair and his parents’ backs get a well-earned rest! 

Nathan’s parents are very grateful and say without the funds from Rally for a Cause, this would still be a dream for them. 


Nathan's Story - click here to watch


At just 45 years old, Maryborough Mum of two Samantha was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. As a single Mum and small business owner responsibilities didn’t stop for Samantha as she had keep the family cared for while undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments in the fight for her life.

Rally for a Cause has been able to provide some short-term financial support to Samantha and her family to help her cover household bills and day-to day living expenses.

Samantha would like to thank Rally for a Cause, the Dunga Derby fundraisers and everyone who supports us for easing some of the stress for her during this time.





Hear how Prue faced the best and the worst moment of her life and how Rally for a Cause made a difference when they needed it.


The Welch Family Story

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Bentley's Story

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