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The funds raised or donated to the Rally for a Cause charity are for the benefit of the individuals and/or families who reside within either the Fraser Coast or Sunshine Coast community. 

Funds raised through the Fraser Coast Dunga Derby event will continue to stay within the Fraser Coast region,
Funds raised through the Sunshine Coast Dunga Derby event will be available to support families within the Sunshine Coast region.

To ensure we are consistent and fair in the distribution of funds we have a policy that is followed and we require a standard application form to be fill in and submitted for assessment.

Applications and/or nominations are assessed by a selection committee that includes a minimum of two members of our local community (including one medical knowledge), who are independent of the charity.

Levels of support are determined in alignment with the specific criteria set out in the Rally for a Cause funds distribution policy. 


1. Applications will be accepted from either individuals or organisations; however, support will only be offered to individuals and/or families deemed suitable under the eligibility criteria.

2.The aim of Rally for a Cause support is to provide relief and/or enhance quality of life of individuals and/or families when they are affected by life-limiting medical conditions or have had their lives disrupted by detrimental circumstances beyond their control.

3. At the committee's discretion, support may be in the way of donation of vouchers; provision of goods/services; the direct payment of invoices made out either to the recipient or to Rally for a Cause for the supply of goods/services to the approved recipient. Applicants are asked to provide information and supporting evidence (if available) on what support would be most beneficial.

4. The definition of “the recipient” is the person who has the life-limiting medical condition, or in the case of the Tragic Circumstances criteria, “the recipient” is the family member (partner/parent/next of kin) grieving the unexpected loss of a family member. Recipients must be aged under fifty-five years (any variation is at the discretion of the Rally for a Cause Directors).

5. Recipients must reside within the geographic boundaries of either: -

      - The Fraser Coast Regional Council or the
      - Sunshine Coast Regional Council & Shire of Noosa.

In situations where the individual or family is currently residing outside of this area in order to obtain necessary medical treatments, they must intend to return to the region. (This is a requirement because funds have been raised on the basis they are expressly for Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast local families).

6. Applications must be received using the designated Recipient Nomination form. Supporting documentation may only be included to provide specific information that will enhance the committees understanding of the circumstances faced by the proposed recipient.

7. All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of the submission; however, the decision of the committee is final, and no further discussions will be entered into regarding the outcome of the application.

8. If the nomination is approved, financial support is available for 12 months from the date of approval.

9. Funds must be regularly accessed by approved recipients. If a recipient (or their next of kin in the event of death) does not require financial support for more than 6 months (and within the 12-month period in paragraph 8), their account will be closed and the balance of any approved funds will be relinquished.

10. In the event of the death of a recipient during the time they are receiving financial support from Rally for a Cause, then the funds may be used by the recipient’s immediate family members (spouse/de facto partner, parents or children) for the same purpose for which they were approved. In the case where there is no immediate family, the recipient account will be closed and the balance of any approved funds will be relinquished.

Once a successful application/nomination is approved and the level of support that can be provided is determined, Rally for A Cause will work with the selected individual or family to determine the most appropriate way we can assist them.

To view our eligibility criteria, please click the link below.

Eligibility Criteria



If you require assistance submitting via our online form, please call the Recipient Liaison Officer on Ph:0438 363 665 and we will be happy to assist you. 

 Bill - Recipient Request Form

Recipient Bill Request Form



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